If you are not a fan of Nickelback, you basically just got "Rick Rolled." But, in all fairness, if you are not a fan you are not alone. In fact, there have been people that say that the haters are the reason why Nickelback has been relevant for so long. In other words, you haters are the reason why the band is still making music and touring.

According to a recent article from Far Out Magazine

The Canadian rock band Nickelback has been unfortunately labelled as one of the most hated bands on the planet. Led by Chad Kroeger, for the past 21 years, the band has been churning out the same bro-rock material that is, evidently, commercially viable. But in terms of credibility, Nickelback always struggled, with many corners of music fandom poking fun at their material.

Love them or hate them, they are not going away anytime soon. In fact, their current Tailgates and Tallboys Tour is one of the biggest tours of the summer.

Die-hard fans of Nickelback travel as far as the band's hometown of Hanna, Alberta just to take photos. For the past 20 years, the three highway entrances into Hanna had signs that said, "Hanna welcomes you." And "Proud to be the home of Nickelback." The signs have been causing congestion on the roads, as fans pull over to snap photos with the signs. This past May, the Mayor of Hanna announced he was removing the signs for "safety" reasons.

It is reported that 2 of the signs will be displayed in a visitors center in Hanna. However, the third sign will be making its way to Montana.

NHL star Lanny McDonald, who is also from Hanna, is the owner of Tamarack Brewing in Lakeside and Missoula. Lanny already has some Nickelback memorabilia displayed in his establishments. But, this one is unique. His sign reads "Home of Nickelback and Lanny McDonald"

The video for Nickelback's song "Photograph" was actually filmed in Hanna, Alberta.

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