Dear "rich YouTuber lady," (Shallon Lester)

I'm worried that your recent article in Business Insider is not going to help your reputation in Montana. I wanted to share with you some tips on how to improve your reputation among other Montanans, as well as possibly help your dating life a little. But first, let me catch anyone else reading this with what we are discussing.

You may have noticed an article circulating around the internet today that involves a woman from New York who relocated to Montana. Business Insider published a story of a New York City "influencer" who packed up and moved to Bozeman during the pandemic. The headline reads "I left NYC and bought a house in Montana. I had a big job title but a terrible bank account — now I'm happier and my money goes further."

Just the headline alone was enough to stir up a ton of comments on social media. Mostly Montanans who can barely afford the cost of living in Montana thanks to the influx of people with millions of dollars to spend. The large migration of people to Montana during the pandemic clearly increased property values and the average cost of living. Places like Bozeman are almost unaffordable for working-class families. The town is filled with people like the woman featured in the recent Business Insider article. A YouTube content creator and "influencer" by the name of Shallon Lester.

Okay, now that everyone is somewhat caught up, let's get back to the issue at hand Shallon. As flattering as you may feel the Business Insider article was, it is not going to help you make many friends. In fact, your story encompasses everything that annoys many Montanans. You simply brag about how you can afford to buy a million-dollar home with cash. While complaining about how the local services are nowhere near as nice as what you would get in New York City. You showed up to Montana with a wad of dough and expected respect. But we can see that you are what is wrong with Montana.

Why is dating Montana men so difficult?

In your article you said

I think the men in Montana I've met have a very different type of intelligence than I'd found in NYC: They can build things, they can kill things, and they're very tactile and useful. I find it so cool and sexy, but they don't really find my type of intelligence sexy. I'm sarcastic, witty, and nerdy. The guys I've met here are more into intelligence that has a real world application.

First of all, don't diss a Montana man's intelligence. You are by no means smarter because you are from a big city. Most Montana men can probably tell you are fake before they even finish their beer. Montana men are not looking for, as you say in your article, "girls who need saving, or who may have jobs but not careers." We want real women. Women who don't play games. Women who can do their taxes and change a flat tire. I can already tell those are two things you have probably never done.

Just look at some of the content you post on your YouTube channel. It is toxic. I mean c'mon?!?!

For example:

How To Manipulate A Man & Get Revenge On A Player

Or how about this little gem?:

How To Cheat & Not Get Caught

Gee, I wonder why a guy would steer clear of a person who is handing out expert advice like that.

Now, I didn't write this to insult you. I'm sorry if you are. I am simply trying to say that if you want to live here, don't flaunt your New York City life. Be humble. Drink cheap beer. Go hiking. Buy a used pickup and take a guy for a drive in the mountains. Buy a freezer and fill it with elk steaks. Try fly fishing. But, don't think you are of a higher class than the rest of us. Arrogance will not win friends, and will also lose them.

Sincerely, a Montana Man

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