I got my ballot in. I hope you did too. My favorite part of election day is that usually, starting the day after we vote, all the political ads go away for a while. I know you hate them as much as we do. At least you can change the channel. I'm stuck sitting through every one of them. That's the job.

Of course, the ads from today's winners will start showing up again before November. But at least we get a little break for a bit.

For the next round of political fighting, might I suggest no more attack ads? This year's were the worst. Tim Sheehy was attacked for buying a house. Could we discuss something a little more in line with the job? How's he going to vote? What are his goals in Washington? Those kinds of things.

One item I'll be interested to see if it passes is the $124,000.00 childcare bill in Fallon County. (Hailey Monaco from Q2 did a story on it.)

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They just don't have enough licensed childcare providers down there, so they are asking the taxpayers to help create more childcare provision. The average babysitting bill in Fallon County is $1,400.00 per month. Yikes.

In her story, she also reported that almost half of the town's residents don't work. That seems like a pretty easy fix to me. You can either help babysit or help pay for it.

Also, in Baker, all eight restaurants are closed on Mondays because they can't find enough help.

The story also mentions that they don't have a snowplow driver.

I'm pretty sure we've got a country song in the works here.

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