There was new research released today that showed daily marijuana use is now greater than daily alcohol use. It was based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. The research also showed that high-frequency users are more likely to become addicted to marijuana or THC and are more likely to develop cannabis-associated psychosis, a severe condition where a person loses touch with reality.

According to the research, 17.7 million people use marijuana every day compared to 14.7 million daily alcohol consumers. I think both of those numbers are probably low. The issue has already been decided, so that's irrelevant, but here is a concern. This, of course, is supposed to be for people 21 or older. Think of this in relation to our workforce. There are roughly 180 million people working in the U.S. So, every day in America, there are 35 million workers with THC or alcohol in their system. Think of all the jobs those people have and what their responsibilities are. That's why so many employers now tell you that they drug test. They don't want the liability if something bad happens.

We all know that those numbers would increase substantially if they included people under 21. It's not cheap to do that every day either. There was a book just released on the health of Americans now, and it had alarming news on the number of people who are on drugs and being medicated for everything from depression to anxiety. These percentages are mind-boggling. Folks, look at what we are doing to ourselves. It's so sad.

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