We have to get control of these three-letter agencies. Did you hear the latest from FWP? They are going to pay a landowner in Garfield County $148,000 to introduce prairie dogs to the area. That's right, prairie dogs. Not only that, they will intervene if they have to for control of the plague should it infest the colony. Mark my words, they will regret that for many years to come. That 1,500 acres will explode to 100,000 acres in 20 years. This rodent is doing so much damage to the native grasses and rangeland in Montana. I don't know if we will ever be able to repair the damage.

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I brought this up to the governor one day here on the air, and he just kind of laughed it off. I was serious. Ranchers already know the irreparable damage that they have done, costing the state millions in lost productivity of those ruined acres. Keep in mind, that the FWP, like other three-letter agencies, can do this without any approval from our state government. No legislation, no going through the House and Senate, no governor's signature, NOTHING. Pick one, it doesn't matter—the IRS, the DOT, the EPA—nothing, no action is needed for all of these new rules and restrictions put in place with NO legislative action.

What's going to happen when those rodents spread into the neighbor's place that didn't want them? Will they be compensated too? Not to mention, it's a total waste of your money. We will pay later for this stupid decision, you wait.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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