The sea of humanity, better known as national park tourism in Montana, is starting to make its annual huge waves.

And while much of what you'll see here is common sense stuff, common sense is not always in abundance among visitors. So we figured why not get some advice from those in a position of authority and experience?

Yellowstone National Park Rangers have weighed in what they think are 10 of the most important suggestions all visitors should know, and, more importantly, adhere to. Millions of people visit Yellowstone annually in hopes of making lifelong memories amid its erupting geysers, roaming wildlife, and the artistry of a multitude of geologic wonders. With so much to explore and learn, follow some of the rangers' important considerations to help make it a successful visit.

Yellowstone National Park
Image courtesy of NPS / Jacob W. Frank

1. No Vehicle Reservations Required
Vehicle reservations are not required to enter the park – just a park entrance pass. Save time at entrance stations by purchasing that pass online before you arrive. Summer is busy, so be prepared for crowds at popular areas and lines at the entrance stations, in construction areas and at roadside wildlife sightings.

2. Check Road Statuses
Most park roads open to regular vehicles in mid-April and close to wheeled vehicles in early November. Weather may necessitate temporary closures at any time, however, so check for more information about current park road status and traffic delays due to improvement projects.
3. Plan Ahead
All campgrounds and lodging require a reservation and are usually full well in advance of your trip. Operating hours and service levels can change with little notice. Check the latest information before coming to the park.
4. Give Wildlife Room

5. Drive and Park Responsibly
Observe posted speed limits and use pullouts to watch wildlife, take pictures and let other cars pass. Do not stop your vehicle in the road.

6. Stay on Boardwalks
People have been injured and even killed by breaking through the thin ground in thermal basins or falling into hot springs.

7. Enhance Your Experience
Download the free National Park Service app before you arrive in the park.

8. Expect Limited Connectivity
Don’t be surprised if you can’t receive calls or texts, even in the few areas where you might have cell reception.

9. Prepare for Weather Changes
Unpredictability characterizes Yellowstone’s weather. Expect big temperature swings, rain or snow during every month of the year. Bring warm jackets, rain gear and lots of layers.

10. Make the Most of Your Trip
Make it the trip of a lifetime by attending a ranger program or indigenous cultural event, and be sure to explore Yellowstone Tribal Heritage Center.

Yellowstone National Park
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Here's to an awesome, safe and rewarding Yellowstone experience!

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