During my weekends, instead of going out and spending money like no other... I've been watching a LOT of movies and television shows recently. Plus, I've recently got into "meal prepping", spending my Sunday cooking for the week ahead.

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Movie Time

This weekend, I watched quite a few different movies. From RoboCop to Red Notice, it was a mishmash of content, mixed with some YouTube content.

Everything was normal as could be until I came across the Lego Batman Movie from 2017. I've watched the other Batman movies recently, such as The Dark Knight... and even watched the entire series of Gotham on Max.

Wait A Minute... That sounds familiar!

Without going into detail about the Lego Batman movie... as I was watching this movie, every single time Batman laughed... I swore I heard that laugh before.

Turns out, I've heard a laugh extremely similar to that before...

Mark Wilson! Now, it's not a PERFECT match... but his laugh is pretty darn close! Take a listen to his above, and then listen to Lego Batman laughing below from this convenient clip.

It Makes You Think...

I wonder if Mark took time off to donate his laugh to Lego Batman back in 2017... might have to check the leave calendar, and see if my theory has legs to stand on.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Mark laughs like Lego Batman? Does Mark's laugh make you laugh along in the morning? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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