Ashley McBryde's latest music video is a literal take on the story line of her song, "Brenda Put Your Bra On," capturing all the high drama and mayhem of a smalll-town cheating scandal. The clip co-stars Caylee Hammack and Pillbox Patti, who sing on the studio version of the song, and were among the collaborators for McBryde's group effort album, Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville.

"Brenda" is the opening track for the album, and like all of the songs on this collection, it focuses on the lives of the characters who live in the fictional Southern town of Lindeville. Specifically, "Brenda" spotlights three women — played by McBryde, Patti and Hammack — who come out to their front porch to watch a neighborhood drama unfold.

"Brenda put your bra on / There's trouble next door / Grab a pack of cigarettes / And meet me on the porch," the first line begins, as the friends come outside to watch their neighbor — "Marvin's baby mama" — catch him with another woman.

In the video, all the action plays out literally: We see dishes flying, a guitar case strewn across the lawn and a disheveled man stumbling away, holding a pile of his clothes as his angry ex chases him down with a bat. Finally, the cops and a news crew show up — "We ain't never been on the TV before!" Patti quips — and the three singers vie for a spot in front of the camera, another neighbor running out of her trailer to join them on-screen.

The video was shot in one take, lending a hectic feeling to the story that McBryde says was deliberate. "As soon as we recorded this song, we knew we wanted to make a video for it," the singer explains.

"There were a lot of ways we could have shot this video, yet [director] Reid [Long] had the idea to capture all the insanity and drama in one continuous take, which feels very in tune with the spirit of this entire project ... how Lindeville of us!"

Lindeville came out in late September. Aside from Hammack and Patti, the cast of musical guests on the album includes Brothers Osborne's T.J. Osborne, Aaron Raitiere, Brandy Clark, Jon Decious and Benjy Davis. The Brothers Osborne's John Osborne produced the project.

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