Fireworks are almost as polarizing as politics in Montana towns.

There seem to be two sides. Those who hate fireworks for a variety of valid reasons; fireworks terrorize pets, fireworks can trigger PTSD among veterans, many people work early, etc.

The counterpoint is usually something like “Too bad, it’s America!” Local community info Facebook pages are full of comments about fireworks, which will only increase through the 4th of July.

Most towns in Montana have ordinances that prohibit lighting off fireworks inside city limits. When things get dry, counties frequently enact fire bans too. Despite the risk of fines or starting a wildfire in the rural county areas, people (mostly kids?) still light them off, seemingly non-stop.

Fireworks For Sale Ahead July 4th Holiday
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What common type of fireworks best represents Montana cities?

Today, we thought we’d take a lighter approach to the fireworks issue and have some fun assigning what type of fireworks best represents each of the bigger cities in Montana. Let’s start with Billings.
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Billigs - Roman Candles

Roman candles and bottle rockets were illegal to purchase in Montana for decades. That changed a few years ago. If Billings were a firework, it would have to be Roman Candles. Because when it comes to hand-held things that shoot, the Magic City knows it far too well.

Butte - M80’s

Butte’s tough, blue-collar reputation is represented well by the classic M80. It’s not particularly flashy but packs a punch.
Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Missoula - Sparklers

Not the kind with metal wires, but the wooden-stick sparklers. They’re biodegradable so they’re surely better for the environment.
Credit Black Cat
Credit Black Cat

Bozeman - Fountains

Fountain fireworks are flashy, much like the Gallatin Valley.

Great Falls - Rockets

If any city in Montana is loaded with firepower, it must be the Electric City, home to Malmstrom AFB.
Have a safe 4th of July and if you choose to light off fireworks, please observe all local ordinances and have some respect for neighbors who may not appreciate listening to fireworks every single night for the next 10 days.

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