When I was just a wee lad, let's say 8-years-old, I was all about dinosaurs. So was just about everyone else I knew at the age. In fact, I bet you are thinking about a youngster you know that is nearly a certified paleontologist. I can't count on all my fingers and toes how many kids I have met over the years that have shared with me scientific facts about dinosaurs. Granted, some of these facts are clearly made up. But, being a borderline cuss, I bet your young dinosaur experts have never told you about a dinosaur called a "Chicken from Hell."

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Well, it turns out one of these "chickens" has been unearthed near Fort Peck Reservoir, in northeastern Montana. The area is known as the Hell Creek geological formation. Kind of a fitting name for a giant flightless bird called the "Chicken from Hell" (or scientifically known as A. wyliel). Granted the A. wyliel was first discovered back in 2014,  and more bones have been recently found in the area, including T-rex and other raptor bones.

According to Newsweek

A. wyliei measured roughly 11 feet in length and five feet tall at the hip, according to the Smithsonian Museum. It likely resembled a large flightless bird, such as an emu or an ostrich, aside from its long tail.

It had a crested skull, a toothless beak, and arms featuring large, hooked claws that were sharp enough to use for hunting prey or defending against attackers.


The Hell Creek area is believed to date back to the Cretaceous era, meaning the fossils found there, including the "Chicken from Hell," were some of the last dinosaurs on earth before the mass extinction event.

The following is an artist depiction of what the "Chicken from Hell (or A. wyliei)" may have looked like.

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