It is crazy to think that American Idol premiered 20 years ago. In fact, the first episode aired on June 11th, 2002. The winner that year was part-time Montanan, Kelly Clarkson. Since the 1st season of American Idol, many other stars were born, and have gone on to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

People flocked from all over the country to audition for the show. Half of the fun of watching the show was watching the auditions. You never knew when someone from your hometown was going to pop up on the show. Unfortunately, no one from Montana has ever won American idol. (Unless you count Kelly Clarkson as a Montanan.)

Kelly Clarkson is teaming up with none other than Snoop Dogg to host a new talent search show. Much like American Idol, this new show will feature talent from all over the country. The only difference is 1 artist or band from each state will go head to head with other states.

Prepare for "American Song Contest" Airing March 21st

Each artist will compete LIVE and it is the viewer's job to vote for their favorites. Who will have the next hit original song? The 2-hour LIVE event will air this upcoming Monday.

Who is representing Montana in the American Song Contest?

Meet Jonah Prill from Billings, MT. 

A Tik Tok star who has already won the hearts of millions of people on the social media platform. Now he is looking to make it to the BIG STAGE.

According to his Bio on

This Casanova's ability to infuse his country music heritage and down-home upbringing into the lyrics and melodies of his music is what might make him one of the genre's most intriguing new artists. The grandson of country artist Dean Evans, Jonah seems poised to lead a new generation into a new chapter, a chapter filled with pages of an authentic life lived by a simple man from Billings, Montana.




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