A Mask Rebellion in Bozeman, Health Board Meeting Cancelled
And that's when the phone calls started rolling in- not just from Bozeman, but from elsewhere across the state. The reports we received said there were too many folks in attendance to protest a proposal making masks mandatory that the city-county health board instead shut the meeting down.
A Lifeline to the Hi Line: Why the Milk River Matters
It's a lifeline to the Hi Line. When you look at how important agriculture is to our economy, especially across the northern tier of Montana all along Highway 2, you also need to look at how important irrigation is to the farmers and ranchers. Here's audio of my chat with Assistant Interi…
Another Shutdown? What the Media Should Be Asking Bullock
We need to protect the most vulnerable, but get the rest of our economy back up and running. That's what I've been saying consistently here in Montana. So why is it that the governor was lifting restrictions on the most vulnerable, while keeping restrictions in place on the rest of us?

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