I really did NOT want to watch the TV show 'Yellowstone.' I heard it was a good show and all, but I just didn't like the idea of a show on TV attracting even more folks to want to move to Montana. We recently crossed the one million mark in population, and frankly, we're not interested in climbing much higher.

But Kelly in Glasgow told me I really needed to watch the show, so I caved. And I gotta be honest, that show and 'Stranger Things 4' are about the only things I am looking forward to watching another season of.

I saw the news that apparently a 'Yellowstone' "prequel" is going to be coming out.

Here's what People.com is reporting:

Paramount+ and MTV Entertainment Studios announced Wednesday that country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw will be starring in the series alongside Oscar nominee Sam Elliott.

The prequel, titled 1883, will follow the Dutton family on their quest through the Great Plains to the wild west.

I think I'll let Kelly in Glasgow preview the prequel for me. But what about Season 4 of 'Yellowstone?' When is that supposed to come out? Apparently, GoodHousekeeping.com is the website to catch all the latest leaks about the upcoming season. (Why do I find it funny that Good Housekeeping is the site with the news?)

Even though we're just a few months out from the season 4 release, Paramount Network still hasn't dropped a trailer or images that hint about what's next on Dutton Ranch. At this point, all we know is that "revenge will be worth the wait" — according to the show's latest teaser.


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