Montana’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen made a brief appearance on the KGVO Montana Morning News show to promote the statewide ‘Stars and Stripes’ Initiative in public schools.

“We just are so excited about our Stars and Stripes initiative,” said Arntzen. “And you know what's good right now and every single day should be a day where our children across our state learn about our great country and why Montana is so resilient as a frontier state.”

Arntzen described the resolution that brought about the Stars and Stripes Initiative.

“We just had a resolution that was passed at the state level with the American Legion,” she said. “And so statewide, we have a partnership with the Office of Public Instruction in having flags in all of our classrooms and we have 821 schools across our state, so you can imagine this is going to be a big project.”

Arntzen said the initiative is following current state law.

“You know, our state laws do call for a flag in every classroom and sometimes they are, and sometimes they're not, or you know, as a teacher moves, maybe that flag goes with them,” she said. “We're also looking for Montana flags in those classrooms. And not only that, but let's put the eagle and the spear. those beautiful fringe large flags in the entry of every school.”

Arntzen is running for reelection against Democrat Melissa Romano.

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