Big news for a legendary Montana location. 

When I was a little kid in Glasgow, Montana- you went swimming at the dredge cuts at Fort Peck...or you made the big trip to Sleeping Buffalo near Saco.

For a Hi Line kid, going to Sleeping Buffalo was like going to Disneyland back in the day. Not only did they have the hot springs- they had an outdoor pool and waterslides.

I took my boys to Sleeping Buffalo a few years ago and they really made that place look nice. Fancy. Apparently they have a really cool bar I need to check out one of these days too.

But here's the big news- it is looking like a legend is about to return. They're getting an outdoor pool at Sleeping Buffalo.

Here's what the resort shared via Facebook: "After going through all the awesome suggestions and ideas you've shared with us, we're stoked to let you know that this summer, we're bringing an OUTDOOR POOL to our beloved Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort!"

You also gotta check out some of the memories that people shared of the old school slide and pool after they asked this question: "Share with us your favorite memories of the old outdoor pool area. Whether it's a legendary slide burn or a sunset swim with friends, we want to hear all about it!"

That was part of the note shared by Dennis, Michelle, Christian and the Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs and Resort Crew.

Full post along with comments:

By the way, here's what the inside looks like now:


Credit Sleeping Buffalo
Credit Sleeping Buffalo


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