Tonight, I came across the latest from the Yellowstone County Coroner on KTVQ about the Sunday Night Homicide here in Billings. It was announced that Carlos Delao, 45, of Billings was the victim of this senseless murder.

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Billings Police have said that Delao was waiting in his running vehicle Sunday night at a home on Avenue F when the murderer came up to his vehicle, opened the door, and shot Delao in the head... killing him.

After murdering Carlos, this horrid human then stole Carlos' vehicle, crashing it into other vehicles at Big B Bingo off of 12th and Grand. You can read more at the link below.

At this time, the person who committed this heinous crime against the Billings community, and this family, has not been identified. Hopefully, they will be soon and face extreme punishment.

After a tragedy, we can help.

In learning about Carlos and this tragedy, I came across two posts on Facebook from family & friends of Carlos. The friends have gotten together and set up an account at Billings Federal Credit Union, along with a Meal Train to help feed the family.

  • To donate for funeral expenses, you can donate at Billings Federal Credit Union Downtown under "Lisa Chavez".
  • For Meal Train, you can provide meals for the family by clicking the button below.

We can come together as a community to help this family, and hopefully, #JusticeForCarlos will come swiftly.

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