These last couple of years have brought quite a few stories that tie Montana and Hollywood together. The biggest of the bunch would probably be the Yellowstone craze that's been highlighted by the last couple of seasons filming entirely in western Montana. We also saw Nicholas Cage film back-to-back movies in the state last year, there's a new show on television titled Big Sky (although it doesn't actually film here,) and the film Power of the Dog, about a 1920s Montana rancher, ended up winning an Oscar while also being nominated for best picture.

Another Montana-based film

I was poking around online today and saw an advertisement on Facebook about a new western film. It included the line "the knockout hit of the summer ditches the red carpet of Hollywood for the plains of Montana." That caught my attention and I had to check it out. The film is titled Terror on the Prairie and features former MMA fighter Gina Carano. I vaguely remember details from last year when the movie was filming in Montana. The trailer caught my eye, not only because of the Montana connection but because it's also the first thing we've seen Carano attached to since she was fired from The Mandalorian for remarks that she made on Twitter.

Could we have a hit on our hands?

So far, it seems the movie has had favorable reviews. The premise of the film from its IMDB page says, "On the Montana plains, a frontier woman must protect herself against a ruthless gang of outlaws hell-bent on revenge."

It's not always the most accurate representation, but as I write this the film's rating on IMDB is 8.2/10 based on more than 760 viewers. That seems pretty promising! With a quick search on Google, you'll find reviews that range from "authentic" and "riveting" to "mediocre" and "uninspiring." But a few publications did compliment the Montana scenery in the film. Score!

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How to watch Terror on the Prairie

If you're a Gina Carano fan, love western movies, or like the fact that it's a Montana film, the new movie can be streamed exclusively through Daily Wire. Get more details HERE.

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