Did you have hopes of sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner and bragging to your family about the amazing seats you scored for the Griz playoff game? If you were banking on grabbing some primo seats that a season-ticket holder didn't lay claim to you might have to come up with a backup plan to use as a topic of conversation.

Changes to the plan

After the Brawl of the Wild last weekend, we're all jacked about the Griz making some noise in the playoffs this year! A bye this weekend gives the team time to rest up before hosting a night game at Washington-Grizzly Stadium next Friday (12/3.) The initial plan had season-ticket holders facing a deadline of 10 PM last night to purchase their seats for the game or see them be released to the general public today. We were relaying that information this week but a listener messaged us through our app this morning and said they saw that the deadline had been extended.

What's the deal?

Sure enough, GOGRIZ.com announced online that season-ticket holders now have until 8 PM on Friday (11/26) to keep their seats before unclaimed tickets become available for public purchase at 8:30 AM on Monday, November 29th. It should be noted that as I write this GrizTix currently has the deadline listed as 10 PM on Friday. Either way, it looks like Friday night is now the cutoff point for those wishing to use their seats.

But you don't have to wait for tickets

If you don't want to wait you can get tickets now as they've already been on sale and remain available for seats that don't belong to season-ticket holders. You can purchase them HERE.

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