In the most recent Federal Election Commission (FEC) filing, Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney has raised $2,012,228.14 since the end of June, while her main opponent, Harriet Hageman, raised $540,085.68 during that same period.

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Of the 3,261 donors that have given to Cheney since the end of June, most of them have come from states other than Wyoming, with 69 donors coming from people in Wyoming, the same number from Connecticut and Ohio.

Several other states had over 100 donors give to Cheney, including 532 coming from California, 254 from Texas, 224 from New York, 175 from Florida, 157 from Massachusets, 141 from Virginia, 126 from Washington, 116 from Colorado and Pennsylvania, and 102 from Illinois.

Of the 1,069 donors that have given to Hageman's campaign, most of its donations are from people in Wyoming, 304, with the only other state soliciting over 100 donations was 110 from California, followed by Texas at 86.

Of the money that Cheney has raised, her campaign has spent $1,502,161.71 on various campaign expenses, with the greatest amount spent on media for a company called Red Right Media, a total of $576,504 since June.

While the FEC filing lists the company as from Virginia, there aren't many details about the company other than an Instagram account with three posts and 39 followers.

Another Virginia company, 824 Solutions LLC, which Cheney's campaign has spent $271,355 in the past month for digital advertising, is another company with little information readily available.

The only online information available about them is their page on a contractor website, which identifies them as a sign manufacturer, but the listed phone number is not in service and the address provided is currently housing a tobacco shop.

Hageman's campaign meanwhile has spent $616,231, the most of any one company, with a business called SRCP Media, either for video production services or placed media.

SRCP Media did not respond to requests for comment.

Anthony Bouchard, Cheney's next closest opponent has raised even less money, only bringing in $1,183.20 in the last quarter before the election.

Despite the gap in money raised, Hageman, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump in September, is still the favorite to win the primary.

Hageman currently leads Cheney by over 20 percentage points, 57% to 28%, with Bouchard at 2%, and 10% undecided, increasing her lead from a previous poll in early July, where Hageman led 52% to 30%.

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