Chart-topping country music artist Luke Combs recently spent some time in Montana. On Sunday, March 14, Combs shared photos of him and his wife, Nicole Hocking Combs doing a little fishing in the Treasure State over the weekend.

Luke celebrated his 31st birthday last week, so the Montana trip could've been a part of his extended birthday celebration. The good news is, he didn't get skunked. One of the photos shared on Instagram Sunday shows Luke proudly holding an impressive rainbow trout that he had caught.

The exact location is unknown, but from the pictures, it looks like Luke was possibly fishing on the Yellowstone River somewhere in the Paradise Valley. The mountains in the background look pretty familiar. If you can identify the exact location, please let us know.

Luke shared the photos along with the caption;

Alright, Montana, I’m in. Great times with great folks.

We're glad to hear that Luke enjoyed his time in Montana, and want to let him know that he is welcome back anytime.

Luke recently announced that he was beginning to work on his third album. A follow-up to his highly successful What You See Is What You Get album that was released in 2019. Luke also announced plans for an upcoming bluegrass album.

It's possible that Luke Combs was looking for some inspiration for songs on his upcoming album. We can't think of a more inspiring place than Montana. Fish on, Luke!

Luke Combs is scheduled to perform at First Interstate Arena in Billings, Montana on September 21, 2021. For more information about the show, click here.

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