What part of shelter-in-place/ stay-at-home did you not hear? If we can lock down assisted living facilities, we can lock down prisons. Don't release criminals while treating everyone else in Montana like criminals.

The Associated Press reported that liberal Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) is calling on the Board of Pardons and Parole to consider releasing certain prisoners from our prison during the coronavirus crisis. The AP later added that a board official said it was already happening.

The Montana ACLU then went on a tweet storm calling for even more prisoners to be released. I already told you my reaction via Twitter Thursday morning. Here's how others responded:

Frank (@tweetybums):

Why are the lefty’s (Democrats) in such a hurry to empty the prisons around the country? #mtnews #mtpol

John Jackson (@pvtjokerus):

Because as we all know, convicts will be the first people to follow rules and regs issued by the govt. Like staying at home and social distancing.


By the way, as Fox News Radio reported Thursday morning- federal prisons are doing just that- locking down their inmates for at least two weeks. Politico notes that US Attorney General Bill Barr has stated that "many inmates are likely safer in prison than outside."





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