Senator Steve Daines called in to the KGVO Montana Morning News show on Thursday morning and slammed the Biden Administration’s priorities in spending in the Defense Authorization Act when it comes to illegal immigrants as opposed to slain U.S. armed services personnel.

“I along with virtually every Montanan was shocked to hear that the Biden Administration is considering paying $450,000 to each illegal immigrant who has claims now that the ACLU is filing a lawsuit because of the way they were treated,” said Senator Daines. In fact, some families illegally coming into our country could be eligible to receive up to $1 million.”

Daines then compared that figure with what a U.S. armed services family would receive after a soldier was killed in action.

“If a service member is killed in action, the payment to the family is $100,000,” he said. “To think that Biden wants to give one illegal immigrant $450,000 ought to make every one of us incredibly upset,” he said. “So I have put an amendment in place here that I hope to get passed as part of this Defense Authorization Act that would stop that, and that would not allow taxpayer dollars to go to these illegal immigrants.”

Daines said he favors a strong military capable of defending the U.S.

“One of my favorite Challenge Coins that I have came from the commander there at Malmstrom Air Force Base a few years ago and it says ‘Scaring the Hell out of America's Enemies since 1962’.,” he said. “I go back to the Reagan Doctrine of Peace through Strength. A strong America is needed particularly now that Biden has weakened America on the global stage in so many ways. The Chinese can see it. The Russians can see it. The Iranians can see it. It's a dangerous place to be when you have a president who's weak.”

Daines ended the conversation by looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

“I think it's just always important to remember that we live in the greatest country in the world,” he said. “I spoke at a Veterans Day event in Belgrade and that was my message to those students is do not believe this nonsense of so many across our country trying to say that America has a lot to apologize for. We need to remember that we're the greatest country in the world. The world looks up to us. That's why people want to come to our country because we have the greatest country in the world and so there's a lot to be thankful for.”

Senator Daines then mentioned that he went to college in Bozeman, but said his father was a Grizzly, as the Brawl of the Wild approaches.

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