Dan Bongino was showing Big Sky Country some love over the 4th of July holiday week, and Montanans showed him some love in return.

The week prior Bongino interviewed Navy SEAL veteran and GOP Senate candidate Tim Sheehy and mentioned that he was gonna be in Montana. Here's what Bongino posted on July 5th:

Dan Bongino: "Thank you to Big Sky, Montana for all of your hospitality and kindness.
We had an incredible time visiting and seeing the incredible natural wonders of America in Yellowstone, along the Gallatin, and across the state."
Looks like Dan had a great time at Yellowstone National Park and in and around the Big Sky area.

Bongino is a law enforcement veteran who served in the Secret Service and hosts a nationally syndicated talk show, which is heard on several of the News/Talk stations across Montana that also carry our statewide radio show- "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint."

Here's what several of our fellow Montanans had to say to Bongino on his Facebook page:

Me: Montana is proud to have you...in the state...and on the radio!

Kurt Goldberg: Keep up the good work! Listen to you daily from Billings Mt. loved your conversation with Sheehy. Such an important race.

Rachel Casalegno: Oh man I would have loved to bump into you and your family!! Montana loves Bongino!!

Marcia Baker: Lived here in Montana for75 years , loved every bit of it! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Come back soon!

Julie Bruckhart: As a Montana resident I can say the western part of the state is beautiful indeed. However the eastern part is truly the reason this is the Big Sky State. I love living here!!

Jayson BearcraneWelcome to Big Sky Country!!!

David Spady: Welcome to the Last Best Place

Joann Welch-KellyDan, us Montanans listen to you everyday. We know a good man, when we hear him. Montana is just one long street and you are part of our family. You need to stay longer, so you can vote for Tim Sheehy for Senate. We lov e you, Man. Thank you for all you do, to keep Montana Great.

UPDATE: Just spotted this video featuring Bongino's interview with Sheehy

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