Do we not have enough signs telling tourists how dangerous this is?

A viewer to a local TV station sent in a photo of a family walking hand in hand toward a herd of bison in Yellowstone National Park.

He had three kids with him. A baby on his back in a child backpack, and a kid on each side. You'll see in the photo that the bison have little babies too. That makes them even more dangerous.

So how many signs does Yellowstone need? There are warnings all over the park telling visitors to stay away. Far away.

No word yet if any park rangers saw this interaction or if any fines were issued. Thankfully no one turned up at the local hospital having been mauled. They were lucky, this time.

Once again it is time to bring out Hank Patterson's Surviving Yellowstone video. It's funny, but everything he says in the video below is all too true. The problem might just be that we, as a society, have spent way too much time telling people that these animals are cute and cuddly. The local tourist shops even sell cute stuffed animals to hug. The very animals that would rip one of these tourists apart if they got too close.


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