While Donald Trump Jr. was in quarantine, he held a digital press conference and KGVO was invited to participate. He discussed how COVID-19 has impacted the United States economy, answered questions from members of the media, and shared some of his opinions about former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Prior to COVID-19 there was not a single economic metric where we were not significantly better off as a country,” Trump Jr. said. “Whether that is unemployment numbers, the desire to work, startups, or small businesses. Most importantly, those same statistics hold true for every demographic in the country.”

Trump Jr. discussed the amount of loans that have been distributed during the pandemic and he also criticized democratic leaders for what he considers a lack of action.

“As of June 30th, almost five million loans have been distributed nationwide, totaling over $521 billion,” Trump Jr. said. “Unfortunately, the democrats, led by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, have done almost nothing. That is why they have earned themselves the do nothing democrat label. You have seen them over the last four years also not doing anything other than simply trying to resist Trump, trying to attack Trump, and trying to lie about Trump every step of the way.”

Trump Jr. went on to questions Joe Biden’s association with China.

“Joe Biden built China,” Trump Jr. said. “Joe Biden pushed to get China into the World Trade Organization. Joe Biden and his comments about China not being a threat despite them stealing literally billions a year in IT, we have exported our American dream for far too long because of politicians like Joe Biden and their favorable policies on China.”

According to Trump Jr., President Trump and his administration are leading the charge to ensure that small businesses and hardworking Americans have the financial support needed to overcome the coronavirus crisis and usher in the “great American comeback”.

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