Several people posted these photos on Facebook with the question, "how the heck?"

From The City Of Berthold North Dakota comes the story of a man who was just trying to do his job, while drunk.

The Berthhold Police Department posted the following on their Facebook page: "Berthold PD responded to a combine rolled over West of Berthold. The driver Michael Carr, age 45 of Seattle, WA, was arrested for DUI and driving with a revoked driver's license. The combine had extensive damage and is presumed totaled by the owner. Carr was taken to Ward County Jail"

The photos you see here are from the Berthhold Police Department Facebook page.

Here is the suspect. Please join me as, below his picture, we pick this incident apart.

Berthold Police Dept Photo Combine Suspect
Berthold Police Dept Photo Combine Suspect

In the above statement by the police we can see that our suspect is from out of state. I'm taking a wild guess, and this is just my opinion, but I think that he might be way out in the middle of North Dakota because he might have made a mess of things back home.

He was driving on a revoked licence. After looking at the flipped combine, is anyone shocked at that?

What I have been looking for is how he got behind the wheel of the combine. He does not own it. Was he working for the farmer? Did he just take it for a joy ride? There are no answers to these questions at this time.

By the way, the combine is totaled. You can only imagine how expensive it was.

So how do you think he got it upside down like that? Obviously he was not speeding. Please find the story on our Facebook page and give us your theories.

Berthold Police Dept Photo Combine 3
Berthold Police Dept Photo Combine 3
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