Last weekend, members of Montana's tow truck family experienced a tragic loss, when two men were killed while responding to an incident on the Columbus Hill, as covered by Aaron Flint on Hanser's Automotive employees Nick Visser and Casie Allen both died in the accident. From all accounts, these two gentlemen were great employees and they both leave behind family, friends, and co-workers who have been affected by the tragedy.

The Yellowstone County Tow Truck Association has organized an event to honor the men and to draw awareness to the dangers that emergency responders face every single day on Montana roadways. The Light Up the Rims parade is scheduled for Friday evening, Oct 30, 2020. Tow trucks, firetrucks, EMS, police and other emergency vehicles from Montana and Wyoming will stage on the Rims, beginning at 6 p.m.  The public is asked to avoid the staging area, to prevent unnecessary vehicle congestion.

The procession of emergency vehicles will depart the Rims (lights ablaze) at 7 p.m. and will go down 27th Street to 1-90. The line will then travel 1-90 to King Ave West and loop back on the Frontage Road to S. Billings Blvd, where they'll pass by Hanser's facility. The parade will then head back on 1-90 to the Zoo Drive exit, before ending at 360 Office Supply. If you happen to be driving along that route on Friday evening, please give them space or pull over to allow them to pass uninterrupted.

We caught up with Kris Moore of Thin Line Towing and a member of the Yellowstone Valley Tow Truck Association. Moore shared some fairly grim numbers regarding the fatality rates of tow truck drivers, what we can do to prevent these types of tragic accidents, and what to expect at the parade on Friday. Take a listen.

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