Europe tried to go all wind and solar power long before states like California did.

They also suffered from high energy costs, blackouts, and brownouts, long before California did.

Then there were the problems with how truly toxic wind and solar farms are to create and dispose of.

Add to that the war in Ukraine, which means a ban on Russian natural gas, and suddenly European countries are in real trouble.

Bloomberg News: 'Pledge to end public financing of such fuels came recently,' Germany is pushing for Group of Seven nations to walk back a commitment that would halt the financing of overseas fossil fuel projects by the end of the year, according to people familiar with the matter. That would be a major reversal on tackling climate change as Russia’s war in Ukraine upends access to energy supplies.

Petroleum industry in the Permian Basin.
Sean Hannon

A G-7 shift from a commitment initiated last year is doing a sharp u-turn. They are looking for a way to return to reliable and affordable energy.

Germany has responded by reviving coal plants and providing financing to secure gas supplies.

Yet at the same time, Germany is phasing out nuclear energy. The World Nuclear Association, an industry lobby group, is urging the G-7 to boost access to nuclear technologies.

Canada, the world’s sixth-largest energy producer, seems willing to help by supplying the very energy they claim is wrecking the planet's climate.

One Of England's Last Coal Mines Extracts Final Load
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Italy has said it will monitor the potential need to trigger emergency energy plans. Any such move could also see it boost coal production. (Bloomberg).

As Europe looks for new sources of coal, natural gases, and oil, companies in states like Wyoming are taking notice and trying to work on a way to get the energy stored underground, out of the ground, and to Europe.

The only thing stopping this progress is, as usual, the American Federal Government.

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