I'm sure the players on the field deserve to be called the best at what they do. I'm sure some of them have set records that will sit in the hall of fame for decades.

Perhaps we should make a special place in the hall of fame for the guy in the video below.

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Here is a dad, holding his daughter, who is holding a bottle, and dad has a beer in his other hand. The ball is coming his way. He manages to reach up and catch the ball, letting go of his daughter for a split second but then swings his arm under to keep her and keep the ball all while only spilling maybe a few tiny drops of beer.

Now come on, there has to be an award for that!

I say this guy gets the all-time award because he was holding a beer and a kid, and the kid was holding a bottle. That tops the second bonus video of the guy who stood up and caught the ball while only holding his kid. You can see that in the next video, below.

That means the first guy did not even yell "HOLD MY BEER!" Oh no, he's got this.

The only problem we have here is that we now have two men who have a story that they will be telling the rest of their lives. Their friends and family will never hear the end of it.

"YES, GRANDPA. We know. One-handed. Did not spill a drop."

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