There's luxury, then there's Tom Brady luxury. And you can get your hands on it if you've got a big enough checkbook. Business Insider reports that Tom is selling his 2018 Cadillac Escalade and as you can imagine, this bad boy is anything but stock.

Credit: Becker Automotive

For starters, Becker Automotive (a custom coach builder) took an Escalade and promptly stretched it 20 inches and added 5 inches to the roof. The only way they could have made the bodywork cooler would have been to make that giant rear passenger door a suicide-style door. Escalades are already the size of small bus. Brady's rig is even bigger.

Credit: Becker Automotive

The rear captains chairs (finished in premium leather, of course) recline with a footrest that pops up from the floor and have large, aircraft style fold-down trays. Only instead of being flimsy plastic like on the airplane, these are hand crafted from burled wood.

Credit: Becker Automotive

The big Brady Caddy is loaded with over $30,000 in electronic goodies, including a high speed business class router for all your wifi needs as well as 32" and 21" televisions. In the vehicle listing Brady says it's not easy parting with his custom rig that he considered his mobile office,

With such limited time in my busy schedule the ESV gave me those extra minutes to study my play book, make phone calls and be with my family. Immediately my productivity went up and my stress came down. I hope the next owner will take great care of her; she will always be a part of the Brady family.

This monstrous Escalade can be yours for an asking price of $300,000. Tom bought it for $350,000 and only put on 13,000 miles. It's barely broken in yet and would make a great rig for your summer road trips.

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