First off, hats off to the organizations providing free face masks to businesses. We may not all agree on the mask mandates being ordered in parts of Montana- but if they're going to mandate them, good job providing some masks to local businesses free of charge.

We shared a story noting that free face masks are available in Billings thanks to the Billings Chamber of Commerce. Earlier in the week, we also shared a story about free face masks available for Bozeman businesses thanks to the City of Bozeman.

As Ally Hart reports, "The City of Bozeman has acquired 10,000 disposable face mask that will be available for businesses for Free."

I first saw this news from the City of Bozeman last week, and I couldn't help but wonder: are these masks made in the USA? So I reached out to the city to find out.

Turns out the masks are made in China.  Here's a photo sent to me from a radio listener in Bozeman who stopped and picked up a box of the masks being distributed by the city:

Credit Montana Talks via listener in Bozeman.
Credit Montana Talks via listener in Bozeman.

Again, I want to reiterate: hats off to these organizations for snagging some free face masks that are being forced on business owners. But here's my rub: this pandemic started in China. The Communist Chinese government mishandled COVID-19. Now, the rest of the world is paying the consequences. So, now we reward the Communist Chinese government by buying more stuff made in China?

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