Lots of parents and mentors are probably as eager as the kiddos for that first hunting trip.

And while this format won't replace the traditional in-person one-on-one instruction, Montanans can still get their youngsters certified for the upcoming hunting seasons. And themselves, too, if necessary.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is continuing to offer free online courses for youth and adults interested in hunter and bowhunter education. In response to social distancing requirements and restrictions on group gatherings, FWP moved to all online courses for hunter and bowhunter education certification in May of 2020.  These free, online-only courses will continue to be available to students age 12 (by Jan. 16, 2022) and older until they can resume in-person classes.

The online courses are thorough, following the playbook of in-person training. They include text, videos, and interactive scenarios to engage students. Students will need to pass a final test to qualify for a certificate.

FWP is not requiring a field day associated with the online courses, but students are encouraged to attend a field course when they become available, or if they want to take a traditional classroom course when they resume.

Hey, parents or hunting mentors, you are encouraged to work and practice safe firearm and archery equipment handling skills with new hunters and bowhunters. FWP has also added a virtual field course component to the online curriculum for Hunter Education students.

To take the online HUNTER education course, students can register here. And for the BOWHUNTER education course, go here.

Never too early for Montana hunters to start getting fired up, right?


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