The Montana legislature has been busy this session. shows they've passed 25 bills in the past three days alone (2/23 - 2/25). New laws are now on the books for everything from revising county school transportation laws to clarifying the definition of pupil. Most of the newly passed laws are fairly mundane and involve stuff like professional licensing and governor appointees, while others are more polarizing like the Constitutional Carry law and transgender rights.

Recently passed SB 61 is a new law that all of us can agree on. It makes Mother's Day weekend free fishing days! Father's Day has been a freebie day for a long time and it only made sense that Montana moms get to enjoy a couple of days on the river or lake too.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks shared good news in this Tweet:

This is great timing for a free day. It's early enough in the spring that most of us probably haven't bought a new license yet (they expire 2/28) and getting out for free often inspires the occasional fisherman/woman to buy a license for the year.

Remember, early May weather can be a gamble. High country lakes could still be frozen and spring weather changes fast in the mountains. A sunny spring day in the Beartooth's can quickly turn to snow and cold. Plan accordingly, especially with young kids.

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