As the debate continues over a plan to restore the "Old Post" Hospital at Fort Missoula, the developer is inviting people to come and see for themselves.

The hospital, which was constructed in 1911 was purchased by developer Max Wolf in 2019, with the idea of restoring the building for future use. But the idea has run into a wall of opposition from history fans, who are upset with Wolf's plans to not just restore the building, but add 16-homes on the adjoining property, with some small retail development.

The Missoula Historic Preservation Commission heard details of the plan, but opposition from "Save the Fort", who say the project would mean a loss of valuable open space, and change the nature of the southern side of the Fort Missoula campus.

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A chance to see for yourself

Now, Wolf is inviting area residents to come by and see firsthand why the building should be restored, and undergo "significant repairs", as well as the overall "Fort Missoula Commons" project. An open house is scheduled for next Saturday, April 29th from 11 am until 3 pm, where people can tour the site and ask questions.

“We want the community to see the need to restore the Old Post Hospital firsthand, and to hear directly from our team about the plan to revitalize this area of Fort Missoula,” said Max Wolf, property owner, and project developer.

Wolf wants people to get an idea of what the project looks like, and what the ideas are for the renovation. He's stressed that no public funds are being used for the project.

“We also hope visitors to the Open House will envision what this space could look like for our community in the future, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the Fort.” 

The commission is expected to make a decision at its next meeting on May 5th.

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