House Bill 102, that will help expand the carrying of firearms in Montana, passed the second reading today in the Montana Senate; according to District 44 State Senator Theresa Manzella who carried the bill into the Senate.

“You know that Montanans we treasure our Second Amendment rights and this bill is affectionately called the permit-less carry bill, and what the bill does is move us back in a direction of Constitutional carry, and it focuses on eliminating gun free zones,” said Senator Manzella. “You're probably well aware that gun free zones don't work. They've been proven not to work, and that concealed carry holders are proven to be the safest, most responsible gun owners, and that states with the strictest gun control laws have the highest crime rate, so this bill attempts to enhance the safety of people by expanding their legal ability to provide for their own defense and, again, eliminate the gun free zones.”

Manzella said this bill and this particular topic have generated a great deal of response, most of it positive.

“I've received probably more communication from people on this bill than I think any other bill this session, but honestly most of it has been positive,” she said. “Yes, there are certainly people who oppose it, but the vast majority has been positive.”

Manzella said some compromises have been made to gain support from university and college administrators.

“We made a concession that guns will not be allowed on campuses during any type of athletic or entertainment event where security is present,” she said. “With that amendment, my understanding is that the bill has received the approval of the campus administrators.”

The bill was introduced by Seth Berglee of House District 58.


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