As individuals participated in the March for Life in Helena on Monday, the Montana House of Representatives was taking up four pro-life bills, according to House Majority Leader Sue Vinton, a Republican from Billings.

Vinton outlined the first two bills.

“The first one is to restrict abortions after five months when unborn infants can feel pain, and this bill takes into account the safety of the mother as well,” said Vinton. “The second bill offers women the opportunity to view their ultrasound and listen to the fetal heartbeat before deciding on an abortion and the GOP caucus feels strongly that women should be able to access their medical files before making such a major medical decision.”

Vinton described the other two pro-life bills before the House.

“The third bill is to require an in person consultation with a medical provider to access chemical abortion drugs, and these drugs, I have been told, can have major complications,” she said. “Finally, there is The Infant Born Alive Protection Act. This legislation states that once a child is born, they should be protected and provided with life saving measures, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, whether it be by a botched abortion or any other means.”

Vinton said these bills simply make these services available to women, and do not restrict their right to seek an abortion if they so choose.

“None of these bills overturn Roe vs. Wade,” she said. “We understand that that remains in place and probably will continue to remain in place for some time, however, these bills all protect life. They protect unborn children and they protect the health and safety of pregnant women.”

Vinton said the fact that the current governor is a pro-life Republican is a gratifying change from former Governor Steve Bullock, who vetoed such bills in previous legislative sessions.

“As a legislator, I'm not accustomed to knowing that we have the support of the executive branch,” she said. “Once these bills make their way through the process, it just really invigorates all of us. It encourages all of us to make these bills the best that they can possibly be, so that when they hit his desk, he's ready to sign.”

The four pro-life bills are House Bills 136, 140, 167, and 171.

This week March for Life is also being celebrated across the country.

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