First off, is that a bullet hole in the windshield, or did he just poke a hole through it so he could see better? Either way, the Montana Highway Patrol says "don't be this guy."

Apparently this guy was busted driving on I-90 with his vehicle all banged up. The drivers side door was smashed in. The windshield was completely smashed up. The drivers side front panel was also a mess. And somehow he was still cruising along on I-90 before Trooper James Beck pulled him over.

According to the Montana Highway Patrol:

The driver admitted to traveling across several states in this condition using safety glasses to keep the shards of glass out of his eyes as he looked through the peephole. Thankfully after his encounter with Trooper Beck, a flat bed trailer hauled the vehicle to its final destination.

Trooper Beck has yet another "so there I was" story. And here I used to get nervous driving around with a couple cracks in my windshield.

Of course this is just another good news story about the great men and women in the Montana Highway Patrol.

Can you imagine driving a car like that in the middle of the winter?

It reminds me of a call we got into the radio show a while back. We had a listener get stuck on the side of the road in the middle of 50, 60 and 70 MPH winds with a flat tire. Due to his disability he couldn't get out and change the tire. Instead of waiting for a service truck to arrive, Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wyatt Duncan just changed the tire and took care of it. Just another day on the job...


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