Have to admit it, those new Ford Broncos look great. I watched Ford's premier video (below) and was nothing but impressed.

They have built something really amazing here. But is it so amazing that it's unaffordable? I decided to do a little digging to find out how much they are asking for the base models.

Ford's website will allow you to build your own model. So you can start low and accessorize until your wallet explodes, or your credit runs out.

For the sake of research I'll just give you the base model price for each and let you work your way up from there, should you choose to visit their website and play around with options.

Bronco Base has a base price of $28,500. This is the 4X4 that has removable doors and top.

Bronco Big Bend adds larger 17-inch wheels and 32-inch tires, LED fog lamps, leather-wrapped wheel, and an additional G.O.A.T mode. It's priced starting at $33,385

Bronco Black Diamond starts at $36,050. This Bronco is somewhere in the middle of the 2021 Ford Broncos. It's between the pared-down base model and the rugged Badlands.

Bronco Outer Banks comes in at $38,955 for the base model. This is the 4 door model with a big 12inch touch computer screen up front.

Bronco Badlands - I just love that name - starts at $42,095. Despite all of the amazing things that it can do, that is just the stripped down base price. Imagine what it would be if you got it fully loaded?

Bronco Wildtrak - remains under the $50k mark for its base price at $48,875. This is the two door model that is made for where there are no roads, more than any of the others.

Bronco First Edition is essentially the Wildtrak but with 4 doors. Bigger means more expensive, with a base price of $59,305.

It's one thing to be wowed and impressed, as I am. But being this impressed means being that over-priced. Still, I wish Ford success. They have outdone themselves, yet again.



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