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I stopped in at the new Pharm 406 pharmacy in Billings the other day. You've probably heard me talk about how impressed I was with the way they will package your prescriptions for you. So what does it actually look like? I figured I should probably show you.

I don't know about you, but when I was a kid I remember one of my grandparents had those little pill box organizers- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. They had to take all of the different pill boxes from the different meds they were taking and organize them by day so they took the right medications each day. Maybe you or someone you care for still has to do that every day.

What do they do differently at Pharm 406? First, they have three drive thru lanes at their West End location if you want to pick up your meds in person. Second, they will deliver your prescriptions to you if you live in the Laurel, Lockwood, and Billings area. Or, they can also mail you your prescriptions in the mail.

But here's what I thought was cool. They don't just mail you a bunch of pill bottles in the mail. As you can see in the photo below, they will actually organize your prescriptions for you. They will organize them for you by the day, and them ship them all out in what basically looks like a sheet of pamper. Plus, it's tamper proof packaging so you can tell if someone has been trying to skim some of your meds.

There you go. If you heard me talk about it on the radio, now you can see what I've been talking about. is their website if you're looking for more info.

Credit Pharm 406
Credit Pharm 406

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