This would be a massive decision and could have huge repercussions for the national park in the future. 

MSN reports that there is a movement to 're-Indigenize' Yellowstone National Park, and it's gaining support. The term 're-Indigenize' refers to the idea that certain Native American tribes should be allowed to hunt, fish, and gather within the Yellowstone National Park parameters. How can this possibly happen? 

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There was a treaty signed back in 1868 that allowed the Bannock and Shoshone tribes to hunt on the unoccupied lands of the United States. According to this treaty, Native American tribes should be allowed to hunt and fish within the park. 

Photo by Molnar Balint via Unsplash
Photo by Molnar Balint via Unsplash

If you don't know, hunting is illegal in Yellowstone National Park, but fishing is allowed if you have the permits. You can understand why hunting is illegal with the vast amounts of tourists inside the park: that's dangerous. 

One of the primary animals that could be hunted within Yellowstone is bison. The population of bison is over 6,000 strong, and hunting would help with population control. Could this happen? 

Photo by Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash
Photo by Stephen Leonardi via Unsplash

Another act prohibits the killing of any unauthorized bird or animal on federal lands. This would be the only hold-up to allowing hunting in Yellowstone and could be a lengthy court battle. 

How would they control hunting in Yellowstone National Park? Our best guess is the Native American tribes could set up certain hunting areas in the park where there isn't a lot of tourist activity, and overlap that with where the bison roam. 

This decision isn't imminent, but the possibility of this becoming a reality is fascinating. For more details, check out MSN

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