If you don't know Montana has some really weird laws from livestock to mowing grass but this one law might be the weirdest.

Thrillist came out with a list of the Weirdest Laws From Every State and if you don't know, Montana has some super weird laws from when Montana first became a state to even some recent doozies but I wanted to see what they chose. Thrillist ended up picking a pretty weird law that even you will be scratching your head.

According to Thrillist, the weirdest law in Montana is that if you start performing on stage, you have to finish your performance. You can't leave the stage. This isn't a joke, LIterally, a burlesque dancer was sued in court in 1987 after abandoning their act mid-performance and lost.

That is wild, so technically if you go to a concert and the band bails halfway through, you could sue them. That is incredible to think about and the magnitude of who you could sue.

There are some other laws they could have picked such as married women aren't allowed to go fishing alone on Sundays(who came up with that), sheep can't ride shotgun in your truck unless you have a chaperon(that one just boggles my mind), and apparently it's illegal for women to open their husband's mail.

Listen, a lot of these laws don't really get enforced because they are truly silly but I want to meet the people who enacted these laws either for Montana or for their city because they must have been bored or goofing around. There is no way these laws were made seriously.

For more details, check out Thrillist.

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