We have already gotten our first snowfall of the year and it's just a prelude to what's to come here not only in Montana but in the Gallatin Valley.

The biggest issue is making sure your vehicle is ready with all the snow and ice that is coming in the next few months. Most people think if you have a truck or an SUV you are perfectly fine for winter driving but you aren't. There are several things you should make sure your vehicle has for every Montana winter.

The biggest thing is you either have snow tires or winter-grade all-season tires. These make a massive difference when you are driving in snow or on ice. This provides a better grip and helps all types of vehicles. I drive a Toyota Camry and have been getting around just fine with my tires because I research what would be best. If you don't want to do the research, get snow tires, they are reliable and work every time.

Photo by Remi Jacquaint via Unsplash
Photo by Remi Jacquaint via Unsplash

Also, make sure you have a brush/scraper for your vehicle. Cleaning off your vehicle of snow and ice before you go anywhere. You want to make sure your vision isn't impeded by anything, especially in the winter. They make brush/scraper combos of all sizes for those hard-to-reach places like the roof of your car. If there is one thing you don't want is snow hitting your windshield while you're driving and all of a sudden being blind.

Winter is upon us and we need to make sure we are all safe while driving. Hope this helps.

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