Tickets recently went on sale for what is arguably the biggest yearly event in Montana, The Brawl of The Wild, but it's going to cost you an arm and a leg.

In Missoula, we live for Grizzly football. It's almost a cult-like fan base. On game day, the city turns into a sea of maroon and silver. That's our team that represents our town, and we're pretty darn proud of them and the traditions, but how much are you willing to spend to show your support?

I recently ran across a Facebook post claiming that two of the cheapest tickets available for the Griz/Cat game would run you almost $700. I couldn't believe it. Dude, that's Taylor Swift money. I had to see if this was true. No way tickets were going for over $300 each.

Sadly, it's very true.

I logged into my GrizTix account and chose the cheapest price available.  What I was offered was a ticket in section 224 for a whopping $332.75. FOR ONE TICKET!!!

As if Missoulians weren't struggling with low wages and ever-increasing housing costs, now it's almost impossible to afford a seat to watch one of the greatest rivalries in football. It's getting really hard to be a Montanan lately.

All negative energy aside Missoula is geared up for a great Grizzly football season. We just might have to enjoy watching them from the couch this year.

The Grizzlies will be hosting the Bobcats on November 12th with a 12 noon kickoff. If this is your first year in Montana with the Griz/Cat game, you should start stretching now. GO GRIZ!

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