So, Morgan Wallen got arrested last night. The guy had a few too many beers at his buddy's bar and threw a chair off the sixth floor, just missing two cops. Yeah, that's a ticket. In fact, this time it's three felony charges. He quickly paid his $15,000 bail and went home.

It will be interesting to see how he gets treated for this. The Country Music Association didn't give him his due for the year that he's had in the music world because of his past problems. By all accounts, he's a good guy who just made one very large mistake.

Back in country music's heyday, getting arrested was looked upon with favor. Well, except for when Johnny Paycheck shot a guy in a bar. You STAY in jail for that one.

Wynonna, Randy Travis, and Sam Hunt all got DUIs that didn't seem to hurt their careers too badly.

One of my favorite stories was when Kenny Chesney stole a sheriff's horse. Tim McGraw tried to intervene and had to go see a judge about it. They were found not guilty. And they had a great story to tell their friends.

I don't think that this will affect his career at all. He's just selling too many downloads. And in the music business, you've got to mess up pretty badly (Jimmy Allen) to get pushed aside.

Speaking for some folks who may have had a little too much to drink when they were 30 years old in a bar, mistakes happen.

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