You might recall a few weeks ago I did an article on Beach or Mountains. Well, I think the question has been answered. They are getting so many people at Mt. Fuji that they have now implemented a reservation requirement. With too many people at one time, they will now only allow 4,000 people per day. A lot of this is brought on by inconsiderate people who ruin it for everyone else. They are having such a problem with garbage and other refuse left behind that they had to do something.

We've experienced the same thing here in our own state. You now need a reservation to get into Glacier Park. The Smith River has totally changed from what it used to be, with floating by permit only, and you have to pack everything out. And I mean everything. We have only ourselves to blame, as a few can ruin it for everyone else.

I really think, though, that they should hold back a certain number of permits each day for residents of Montana. After all, Glacier and the Smith and others are located in Montana, so we should have a little pull.

Now, keep in mind that this weekend, the snow levels are going to drop, and the water temperatures from runoff will make things a little chilly. So, I think if I were to pose the question on Tuesday after the holiday of beach or mountains, a lot of folks would pick a beach. I am a sand and surf guy myself, but I love my Snowies.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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