I spend most of my morning at work scrolling and looking things up. This morning I must have been looking up something to do with music. I ran across an article that the Billings Gazette did a couple of years ago. It was titled "Retrospective: 10 Metra Concerts You Wish You'd Seen". So I had to click and see what their top ten were.

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Keep in mind that everybody's top 10 shows at the Metra are going to be different than everybody else's. Their list had Jethro Tull and Kiss. Two shows that I wouldn't have even gone to.

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The one show we agreed on was Neil Diamond. I saw him both times that he played there. Both could be on that list.

My list would have more country concerts. Kenny Chesney did a great show there. I'm partial to the Judds, so I think at least one of their shows would make the list.

Iif you don't have at least ONE Garth Brooks concert on your list, your list is wrong.

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I wish that I would have had "Driving to Billings and going to concerts" money...but I just didn't. So, I missed Eric Clapton and Fleetwood Mac.

I have a buddy who went to the show when Jerry Reed opened for C.W. McCall. He said it wasn't great.

Apparently, not many people cared for Dr Hook. That show sold less than 2000 tickets.

About 15 years ago, Kenny Rogers did a show that was half Christmas play and half greatest hits. I remember really liking it.

I saw Sheryl Crow there for the first time in about '96. That one makes my list too.

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Do you have a top 10 shows at the Metra list?

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