Have you ever looked at your property tax bill and examined all the different things your tax money goes to? It's twice as bad if you're in business or agriculture.

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Yesterday, I had to fill out my form for the Montana cattle tax. That's right, and not just once. Every year, we are taxed for owning cows. If you own them another year, you pay the tax on them again. The same applies to chickens, pigs, sheep, etc., just at different rates. It's crazy.

Maybe that's why so many schools are now transitioning to four-day school weeks. They can cut costs by extending hours while still meeting educational requirements. This morning, I saw that Fromberg is the latest to approve a four-day school week, starting next year. Huntley is also considering it, with a series of public board meetings scheduled to discuss it. As they should! Ultimately, it's up to individual communities to decide. Melstone and others have been doing it for years and love it.

I'm not sure large school districts would ever adopt the four-day school week, but they could also recover savings in areas like busing, meals, and cleaning. The point is, tax-funded things have gotten out of hand. Now, the people who benefit from them will be forced to get creative. Like the new South Park pool that needs replacing - it's going to take some creativity to get that done.

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