So, I get up every Saturday morning and flip on the tube to see what I might have missed overnight.

This weekend, I was watching some behavioral expert tell people that she thinks that we shouldn't make our teenagers work. She thinks that they need to take the time to enjoy the things that teenagers need to develop. What the hell is she on?

The best time to instill a great work ethic is when kids are young and can see the results of their efforts. I started very early in 6th grade working at the cemetery digging graves for my uncle along with weekend work overnights for a guy who delivered the Cincinnati Enquire. It did not stop me from developing. In fact, I still did all the things that kids need to do: i.e. sports, school, outdoor activities, everything.

Why are we coddling these kids? They are so fragile now, they can't handle anything and it carries over when they become an adult.

It's too tough it's too hard. They need to learn early that hard work will get them there. In fact, it's just the opposite of what that woman thinks we should be doing.

The earlier you start the earlier you can quit and really start to enjoy the fruits of your labor. There are 168 hours in a week, and a few of those hours spent each week by a teenager working will not infringe on anything.

My kids all started early riding for the brand and I know they are all better off because of it.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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