For me, the holiday that is reserved for the most traditional meal would have to be Thanksgiving. Other than that, it's open season on all the other holidays.

I was researching the most popular meal now on Easter, and I'm sure many of you would guess HAM. You are correct, but I missed the second-place winner, and that's lamb. I guess it makes sense though. It's not like the early days when they would go out and shoot a deer or rabbit and cook it for dinner. Can you imagine the talking you would have to do now if you cooked rabbit on Easter?

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The most popular side of Easter is au gratin potatoes. I think that's how you spell it. Next on the list is cheesy potatoes; we've all had those. The most popular veggie now is asparagus, followed again by the disgusting green bean casserole. Believe it or not, cookies with colored icing are the dessert of choice. The appetizer for the meal is deviled eggs. There's your traditional meal. I'm thinking ribs...

The holiday that would come in second for me behind Thanksgiving for traditional eating would be the 4th of July. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked beans. On Easter or Christmas though, anything goes, it's what hits you. Plus, Easter always falls on a Sunday, and everyone works the day after so a big meal with clean-up afterwards doesn't sound like fun. I will say this: the ham sandwiches for the next few days after Easter are always better.

See you tomorrow at five.

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