We were reminiscing this morning about our recent trip to Secrets Akumal, south of Cancun. This was the 28th Flakes Trip. (Will there be a #29? Stay tuned.) Our trip got 5-star reviews from everybody again.

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On every trip, I always get asked what my favorite place that we've ever gone is. That's a tough one.

I have several places that stand out to me. I really enjoyed it when we went to The Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Jamaica about 5 years ago. At the time, we only changed planes once in Minneapolis, then a straight shot to Kingston. The quality of the food, the friendliness of everybody in that country, and of course, the most beautiful golf course that I've ever played all factored in.

On one of our cruises, we stopped at St. Lucia. And I really liked that place. I'd like to go back one day. But not on a cruise. I'd fly in so that I could stay for a week. And I didn't get to golf there, so I need to take care of that. But we have some fond memories of sitting on a deserted beach drinking ice-cold Pacificos.

My last favorite place that I'll go back to is a hillside camping spot in the Highwood Mountains where my dad and I used to camp when I was a kid. If you've ever driven the road from Great Falls that goes through the Highwoods and comes out in Belt, then you've been right by my spot.

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